What Is A Solar Inverter
Solar inverter is a kind of power conversion device. Its main function is to reverse the direct current of the battery into alternating current. Through the full bridge circuit, SPWM processor is generally used to modulate, filter, boost and so on.

The sinusoidal alternating current matched with the load frequency and rated voltage is obtained for the end users of the system.
How To Choose A Right Solar Inverter

  • Choose the inverter produced by regular manufacturers
    Regular products must have trademarks and manufacturers, and the package is printed with the manufacturer's address and telephone number. If not, it can be basically judged as three no products.
  • Select metal enclosure inverter
    Inverter is easy to heat up for a long time. If the internal heat cannot be released in time, it will affect the life of components and fire will occur if heavy. On the one hand, metal shell has good heat dissipation characteristics, on the other hand, it also avoids the risk of fire.
  • For the same power product with similar volume, the heavier one is preferred

    The heavier one indicates that the shell is thicker, which is conducive to heat dissipation, and the internal transformer has high power, which can drive the high-power load for a long time.

  • Perfect protection function

    A good inverter should have perfect protection function, which can ensure the safe operation of the inverter in all cases. Generally, the protection functions should include input under voltage protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection, output overload protection and output short circuit protection.

  • Overall efficiency
    Overall conversion efficiency is a very important index of inverter, which should reach more than 90%.
  • Rated output capacity
    The inverter with high rated output capacity can carry more loads, but when the load of the inverter is not pure resistive, that is, when the output power is less than 1, the load capacity of the inverter will be less than the rated output capacity.
  • Starting performance
    The inverter shall be reliable to start under rated load. The high-performance inverter can start continuously at full load without damaging power devices. For its own safety, small inverter sometimes adopts soft start or current limiting starting.
Parameters That People Care
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