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Development History
  • In 2004
    • Shenzhen qingneng electronics Co., Ltd. was established
  • In 2005
    • The company completed the team building and started product development
  • In 2007
    • Tt became a famous UPS supplier at home and abroad
  • In 2008
    • Shenzhen sunray power Co., Ltd. was established
  • In 2009
    • Off grid inverter and grid connected inverter were launched
  • In 2010
    • Solar inverter and parallel off grid integrated inverter were launched
  • In 2011
    • TUV certification was obtained
  • In 2012
    • The company entered the self built plant and began to enter the photovoltaic inverter industry
  • In 2014
    • It obtained the EU CE certification and VDE certification
  • In 2015
    • The company established four foreign trade platforms of Ali international station
  • In 2015
    • Pakistan factory was responsible for the localization operation service of the company's products, and the company established its first overseas project
  • In 2017
    • It won the national high-tech enterprise certification and Shenzhen high-tech enterprise certification
  • In 2018
    • The company's performance exceeded 100 million yuan for the first time, and the business market was divided into global regions
  • In 2019
    • Obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification

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