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The development trend of sine wave inverter

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With the rapid development of power electronic technology and the improvement of inverter control performance requirements in various industries, sine wave inverters have also developed rapidly. At present, the development directions of inverters are mainly:

high frequency

High frequency refers to increasing the operating frequency of the power switching device, which can not only reduce the volume of the entire system, but also have a good suppressing effect on audio noise, while improving the dynamic response capability of the inverter output voltage. The high-frequency power switching device corresponds to the high-frequency isolation transformer, and the application of the high-frequency isolation transformer further reduces the volume of the entire system.

High performance

The effective value is the main parameter of the inverter output voltage. The high-performance inverter has stable output voltage effective value, high waveform quality, and strong ability to adapt to non-linear loads. Because the load carried by the inverter will change abruptly in many cases, the high-performance inverter requires high transient response performance of the output voltage. Another important parameter for the AC output voltage is the frequency. A good inverter requires not only a stable RMS output voltage, but also a stable frequency. Only inverters with the above characteristics can be called high-performance inverters.

Parallel technology

The current inverter technology can produce high-power products, but once the inverter system fails in high-power applications, the system will be paralyzed. In a system composed of low-power inverters through parallel technology, the normal operation of each unit does not affect the work of other units, which greatly improves the reliability of the entire system.


Miniaturization corresponds to the result of high frequency, because the main method to miniaturize the inverter is to increase the operating frequency of the switching tube and use a high frequency transformer. Another method is to improve the control method, optimize the spectrum of the SPWM wave and reduce the filter size.

High input power factor

Many inverter systems use a certain topology circuit to convert DC into high-frequency AC pulses, and then rectify to obtain the required DC voltage. The peak of the output current will reduce the input power factor, and improving the power factor on the input side can effectively solve the harmonic pollution caused by the inverter to the grid.

Intelligence and Digitization

The digitization of the inverter is not simply to apply digital devices in the inverter, such as FPGA and single-chip microcomputer, but the whole system relies on the computing power of the digital device and the discrete control method to complete. With the development of hardware, the speed of processors is getting higher and higher, which promotes the development of inverters in the direction of intelligence and digitization.


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