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Sunray family green electricity, enjoy a new zero-carbon life

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With the proposal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, the improvement and improvement of our living standards are based on the transition to green and low-carbon development and the transition to green and low-carbon life. People pay more attention to the green, environmental protection, intelligence and sustainability of the home environment. Every family can play its responsibilities and contributions in the wave of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. Samirui's home green power solution emerges from time to time, redefining the concept of cutting-edge fashion life, making 24-hour enjoyment of photovoltaic green power no longer a future concept, opening a new zero-carbon life, and helping families achieve zero-carbon environmental protection and green energy conservation.


Solar modules are installed on the roof, so that the entire building can photosynthesize like a plant, absorb solar energy and convert it into green electricity, meet the daily electricity demand of the family, and achieve self-sufficiency, making traditional houses a vibrant building that coexists with light. It not only leads the new zero-carbon trend of architectural design with the natural aesthetics of green electricity, but also redefines the vitality of buildings.

Taking the 30KW system as an example, the average daily power generation is 100 degrees, replacing the original high-energy consumption houses based on the consumption of fossil energy, showing the cutting-edge, green and healthy life concept, satisfying the high-quality life, but also equivalent to planting two trees every day. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 17 tons every year, create a beautiful environment for the next generation to breathe fresh air, create a green shade, and protect children's pure dreams. Zero-carbon life is a concrete manifestation of the individual's social responsibility, so that everyone and every family can contribute to carbon neutrality.

The Sunray family green electricity solution adopts the photovoltaic + energy storage mode to fully absorb the energy given by nature. During the day, the photovoltaic power generation covers the daily electricity demand of the family. The surplus electricity generated by the photovoltaic simultaneously charges the energy storage, and the energy storage discharge at night covers the power consumption at night. Electricity demand, to achieve green power generation and efficient electricity consumption.

Features of Sunray family green electricity:

1. Intelligent power generation: Photovoltaic optimizer realizes component-level optimization, adapts to complex roof conditions, multi-installation and multi-generation, and can increase power generation by up to 30%.

2. Intelligent power storage: Modular energy storage design, flexible configuration, built-in energy optimizer, support for mixed use of old and new, and higher available power.

3. Smart electricity consumption: power generation and electricity consumption at a glance, optimal home energy utilization, no fear of power outages, and stability at every critical moment.

4. System safety: The roof voltage arc is fully protected, safe without dead ends, and multiple protections for energy storage are added to ensure the safety of each family.


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