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Sunray "Altruistic Action" to be a warm enterprise

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What is altruism? Altruism is a behavior that is beneficial to the society in order to make others gain convenience and benefits, respect the interests of others, and consciously and voluntarily.

Recently, Sunray Power has organized and implemented an "altruistic action" to encourage employees to actively participate in social welfare actions. Since the launch of the "Altruistic Action", the employees of Sunray Power have participated in activities such as environmental protection cleaners and volunteer labor, and contributed actively to the environmental protection service projects in Shenzhen.

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The power of one person is very small, but the power of everyone should not be underestimated. Everyone can spontaneously care for others, and this power will become great. "Altruistic action" has gradually become a normal state in society. This kind of activity will affect each of us subtly, not only making the interpersonal relationship of the enterprise more harmonious, but also allowing employees to care for and help others while harvesting their hearts of joy and happiness.

Since its establishment, Sunray Power has taken "creating more value for customers" as its purpose, and regarded "altruism" as one of the company's core values. Social responsibility, become a warm enterprise.

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