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New product launch | Sunray Power released new outdoor power supply

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Recently, Sunray Power has launched a new generation of outdoor power supplies. Compared with traditional outdoor power supplies, this product is lighter and portable and will not increase the burden on users when traveling. The outdoor power supply has a built-in 650Wh high-capacity lithium battery to provide a strong endurance guarantee. The handle is designed to be easy for users to carry. There is a multifunctional information screen on the panel, which is convenient for users to understand the various parameters of the outdoor power supply, and is equipped with LED lighting, supports always on, SOS mode, camping at night to light up night life. It supports inverter AC output and comes with a USB fast charging module. It is a new generation of energy security equipment.


Sunray outdoor power supply has a 220V AC output port, adopts a universal hole structure, and supports most plugs in the world. The output is 220V, 50Hz pure sine wave, which has the same compatibility with household electricity, and the rated output power is 600W. The product has intelligent protection functions such as battery over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, overload protection, short-circuit protection, etc., to provide safety guarantee for the stable operation of the power supply.

The product supports a variety of charging methods, can be charged through the DC input interface, supports solar panel input, car charger input, home power adapter input, and can be fully charged in 6 hours at the fastest.

In addition, Sunray outdoor power supply is widely used. It provides battery life protection for various small electrical appliances outdoors. It is used in camping, self-driving tours, expeditions, surveying and mapping, emergency disaster preparedness and other scenarios. It can also be used as a power failure emergency power supply at home. Fans, refrigerators, small household appliances, digital products and other equipment supply power.


When we go out camping with friends, traveling by car, and enjoying the slow pace of life in the countryside, outdoor power supplies can provide us with electricity throughout the journey.

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