Off-Grid Inverter Charger
  • RP Series 8KW/10KW/12KW
  • RP Series 8KW/10KW/12KW
  • RP Series 8KW/10KW/12KW
  • RP Series 8KW/10KW/12KW
  • RP Series 8KW/10KW/12KW
  • RP Series 8KW/10KW/12KW
  • RP Series 8KW/10KW/12KW
  • RP Series 8KW/10KW/12KW
  • RP Series 8KW/10KW/12KW
  • RP Series 8KW/10KW/12KW

RP Series 8KW/10KW/12KW

Off-Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter With Charger

RP series inverter is Low Frequency design inverter .  It convert dc power (from battery) to AC power to supporting home and office appliances or equipments when encountering utility power failure. when the utility power is back on , it will switch back to AC mode , also built-in charger system will start to charge batteries with big charging current.  


RP 8000W-48V/96V 

RP 10000W-48V/96V

RP 12000W-96V

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Main Features:

1. Pure Sine Wave 

2. Output power factor 1

3. Colorful  LCD display 

4. Working mode and parameters can be settable via LCD display, such as : charging current , input voltage range , AC/Battery input priority , battery type, charging voltage and etc...

5. Low frequency design for inductive loads

6. Auto rstart while AC is recovering 

7. smart battery charger system for optimized battery performance

8. Support use Lithium batteries 

9. Protect: Over-load protect, short circuit protect, over-current protect, over voltage protect, over temperature protect

ModelRP 8KRP 10KRP 12K
Rated Power8000W10000W12000W
Selectable Voltage Range Wide Range : 75vac~138Vac; 155Vac~275Vac(for home appliances)
Narrow Range: 82Vac~138Vac; 165Vac~275Vac(for personal computer)
Frequency Range 40-70Hz( 50Hz/60Hz)
AC Voltage Regulation
(Batt. Mode)
Surge Power 24KVA30KVA36VA
Efficiency (Peak)90%
Transfer time<20ms
WaveformPure sine wave 
Battery Voltage48V96V48V96V48V96V
Charge current 70A35A75A40A75A50A
Fast charge voltage57.2VDC114.4VDC57.2VDC114.4VDC57.2VDC114.4VDC
Float charge voltage54.8VDC 109.6VDC54.8VDC 109.6VDC54.8VDC 109.6VDC
Over voltage portect66.0VDC132.0VDC66.0VDC132.0VDC66.0VDC132.0VDC
Battery low voltage alarm42.0VDC84.0VDC42.0VDC84.0VDC42.0VDC84.0VDC
Battery low voltage shutdown40.0VDC80.0VDC40.0VDC80.0VDC40.0VDC80.0VDC
ProtectionOver charging,over temp, over battery voltage, over load,short-circuit
Operating environment Temp55°C
CoolingIntelligent Fan
Display Color LCD
Paramerter setting By LCD or Position Machine:
Charging current , battery type , input voltage , output frequency, Wide and Narrow range of ac input voltage , Power saver mode, ac/battery priority 
Dimension D*W*H(mm)584*425*180
Net Weight(kgs)58.7/5967/66.571.8/72
Humidity 5-95% Relative Humidity (Non-condensing)
Operating Temp.-10°C to 50°C
Storage Tem..-15°C to 60°C
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